The above are just a few of the ways your dollars will be stretched to provide maximum benefit in the most needed areas of Kenya, Africa. Our greatest current need is for a year-long commitment of small monthly donations to sustain our most important, and literally life-saving, programs (see below). If a one-time donation is your preference, we deeply appreciate and gratefully accept your contribution of any amount!

Through one of our US partners, Village Volunteers, we are able to provide you with an easy way to make an online one time or "recurring" donation using the PayPal secure payment system.

To do this:

Click on the Village Volunteers link below and follow these specific directions to make a donation to Mama na Dada Africa:

1. In the first box labeled: Select the type of donation: choose Mama na Dada Africa from the drop list

2. In the second box labeled: Specify the purpose or sponsored person's name: Type in the Mama na Dada program of your choice from the programs listed below or simply type "Most Urgent Need":

Mama na Dada Programs:
Circle of Hope Daycare, Stay Alive Youth Club, GGati Art Center, Home-Based Care, HIV-AIDS Support, Sexual Abuse Support, Water Project, Scholarship Program, Tailoring & Textile Design, Agricultural Training, Micro-Credit Program, Volunteer Program.

3. In the "Amount" box, type in the amount you would like to donate (note once you click the Continue button you will be given a choice as to whether this is a recurring donation or a one time donation)

4. Click "Continue"

5. Verify your information, and click the recurring donation "PayPal subscribe" button for monthly donations or "Make a Donation" for a one-time donation. (Note you can either utilize the PayPal account system or your own credit card within the PayPal system.)

6. If you choose to make a recurring donation, continue following the directions given to set up your recurring donation.

Village Volunteers

For more information, please of feel free to contact our Mama na Dada US board member, Kathleen Kraemer by phone 707-527-7312 or email



For information on volunteering for Mama na Dada, CLICK HERE.