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Friends of Mama Na Dada

Following are links to those individuals and organizations who support Mama Na Dada and its work.

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: provides website hosting, design and development for Mama na Dada.

Voices of Women LogoVoices of Women is a circle of peace-minded people who share a common commitment to education on international issues and foreign policy. In 2005 we were matched up with Mama Na Dada as our sister circle through Peace X Peace. 

PeaceXPeace LogoPeaceXPeace links women-based Circles in throughout the world with Sister Circles in the United States. Mama na Dada was linked with Voices of Women.

Sergio Lub Logo
Sergio Lub hosted the Oneko's on a MamaNaDada fundraising tour. Daughter, Sonia Lub spent 6 weeks working as a volunteer at Kunya Village.


Articles About Mama na Dada

OneWorld.net LogoOneWorld.net published an article about Mama na Dada and its sister circle, Voices of Women.

Gather the Women Logo

Circles of Hope article published on the Gather the Women website.


One Village Foundation LogoOne Village Foundation Article written by Joyce Oneko about Mama na Dada

Shut Up and Talk Blog - Article about Mama na Dada by visitor to Kunya Villlage.

Article about Mama na Dada project on the Women of Vision and Action Archival website.


Peace & Justice Organization Links

International Peace Initiatives
International Day of Peace
Friends of Kenya
Volunteers for Peace
African Action
African Gender Institute

Kenya Resource Links

List of Women's Organizations in Kenya
Status of Human Rights Organizations in Kenya from the Univ. of Minnesota
Gender & Women's Studies for Africa's Transformation

African News Resource Links

Africa Confidential one of the longest-established specialist publications on Africa, with a considerable reputation for being first with the in depth news on significant political, economic and security developments across the continent.

African Affairs is published on behalf of the Royal African Society. It publishes articles on recent political, social and economic developments in sub-Saharan countries. Also included are historical studies that illuminate current events in the continent.

Feminist Africa provides a platform for cutting-edge, informatiative and provocative generder work attued to African agendas.